689 Green Valley Rd

Lebanon, VA 24266

Windy Way Hill Puppies is a respected breeder of Maltipoo puppies.

17th May 2022

689 Green Valley Rd

Lebanon, VA 24266

Reserving a Puppy


10 Rules to follow BEFORE you contact a breeder about a specific puppy 

1. Clear it with your Spouse  FIRST !!!

2. Clear it with your LANDLORD FIRST !!!

3. Make Sure that your entire family is Okay with a new puppy !!!

4. Make sure that you Already have the money to pay for the puppy before you start contacting breeders about a puppy. 

5. Make sure that you are able to afford to feed, groom and vet care for a puppy throughout it’s whole life. I HIGHLY recommend checking out insurance for your puppy. 

6. Make sure that you research the breed you are considering purchasing. 

7. Make sure that you have the time necessary to give a puppy .

8. Make sure that you are WILLING to put the effort into training and socializing a puppy.

9. Do Not count on your children to take care of the puppy 100% of the time.  Assign children certain things to care for with the puppy  , BUT Consider yourself to always be the one responsible for making sure the puppy is cared for. 

10. Make sure that you can make a Lifetime  commitment to a puppy. Should something unexpected arise please contact your breeder  for suggestions  DO NOT TAKE TO A ANIMAL SHELTER.

About Deposits

  • A deposit is required to hold your puppy.
  • Most likely due to puppies generally selling at 5-7 days old you will be ask to pick your puppy when you commit due to the person committing after you wanting to be able to choose theirs. If you don’t feel comfortable with this you probably should try and find another breeder that their puppies don’t sell until they are older.
  • We now take deposits after we have a confirmed pregnancy. We Reserve the right to Refuse to sell to someone without giving a reason .
  • Puppy deposits are non-refundable. Unless something should happen to the puppy you pick or it does  not check out healthy when I have it Vet checked then I would Refund your deposit in Full . But for Any Other Reason it is Non-Refundable. Deposits does not transfer to another puppy or litter.
  • We will HOLD your puppy for 3 business days to allow you to get your deposit to me. If no deposit by day 3  mail service then the puppy becomes available again.   It’s No need to get upset with me if you loose out . It ‘s your responsibility to contact me if you have not heard from me that I received your deposit.   Please do not ask us to hold a puppy if you have no intention of sending a deposit.
  • Once we receive your deposit we will notify you that we received it and will mail you a receipt along with a Puppy Supply List
  • We highly recommend you send your deposits Priority Mail for tracking purposes. Please don’t send requiring a signature due to the fact most likely I won’t be in the house if and when the mail lady would bring up on the hill to the house. I’m lucky if I get into town one time a week and I would have to go into post office to pick up. You can sign up for notification for when it would be left in my mailbox. Thank you  🙂
  • We accept Certified Bank Checks,  or  CASH for deposits.     We will accept personal checks for a deposit only   Balance on puppy must be CASH unless puppy is being shipped then balance on puppy is due 5 days prior to shipping with a Bank Cashier Check ONLY 

Mail deposits made payable ONLY to :

Cindy Barrett
689 Green Valley Rd
Lebanon, VA. 24266


  • No one under 18 yrs of age can purchase a puppy without a parent.
  • We send updated pics from time to time so you can watch your puppy grow while you are waiting for it to be ready to come live with you . . .
  • We now offer Micro Chipping for additional $25.00.  ( Chip Only)
  • For Final Payment when puppy is  picked up we accept CASH ONLY !I!!   No Cash !  No Puppy !!!  🙁  If Puppy is being delivered by a Puppy Nanny then final payment  is due 5 business days prior to puppy leaving me. in the form of a Bank Certified Check