689 Green Valley Rd

Lebanon, VA 24266

Windy Way Hill Puppies is a respected breeder of Maltipoo puppies.

20th September 2019

689 Green Valley Rd

Lebanon, VA 24266

Available Puppies

Watch Website for Birth announcements and once you  see it then send me a Text or give me a Call and claim one of  my  precious babies  Remember I only post new babies at  8 pm

Updated September 18,2019 

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Our Prices are FIRM !     Our  Required Deposits are $500.

Prices are : Maltipoo’s  $1000. – $1200. – $1300.and if we have a Red Maltipoo $1500.

                    Maltese : $1500. & $1800. 

Due to unforeseen circumstance my customer is not going to take these babies pictured below she had spoke for at birth  They are not siblings but Loki is the father of both . They are Ready to go now.


Charlotte & Loki is Bella parents  $1500.


Elle & Loki is Champ parents  $1200.

Violet and Henry  Maltipoo Babies are due to be born around September 28th and Ready around November 23rd  Should be Apricots  $1200.  Harper & Frankie should have Maltipoo babies around October 3rd  Should be Creams & Apricots  $1000. & $1200.


For Deposits I ONLY  accept Apple Pay , Venmo, Zelle and Bank Cashier Checks made payable to Cindy Barrett .  

 Remember once you commit to a puppy you have 3 business days to get your deposit to me . So if mailing a cashier check I recommend you mail it Priority Mail

 When searching for my adult dogs  Home Page ” Our Dogs”  and also in  Photo Gallery “Our Dogs”  under About Us