689 Green Valley Rd

Lebanon, VA 24266

Windy Way Hill Puppies is a respected breeder of Maltipoo puppies.

30th January 2023

689 Green Valley Rd

Lebanon, VA 24266

Available Puppies

Updated January 19, 2023

I will not be available for phone calls until January 30th You are welcome to email or text and I will answer as soon as I can

our litter of Maltese were born January 11th  4 boys  I still have one  available  Ready March 15, 2023  Deposit will hold for you 

 Parents Lily & Alex

$2800 100% maltese


Kayla & Pierre’s babies born January 15th.  2 girls 2 boys.  Ready March 18, 2023

1 boy still available 
$2500. 75% toy poodle 25% Maltese

I have 2 confirmed F1b Maltipoo pregnancies for January births and are now taking deposits for these  Parents : Kayla & Pierre and Sangria & Rockee  These 2 litters will be 75% toy poodle 25% Maltese   $2500.
I have a confirmed pregnancy for a litter of Maltese  birth around January 16th    Parents: Lily & Alex   $2800. 

Our Prices are FIRM !!!

Maltipoo’s F1’s $1800.  F1b’s $2500.
Maltese : $2800.
Poodles : Reds & Apricots $2500.  All other colors $1800.

:      I have Maltipoo litters several times through out the year.

F1’s is First generation designer dog and is a result of mating 2 purebred dogs of different breeds .
F1b’s is a result of breeding a F1 back to a purebred dog of either the mother or father breed

Poodles :      I only raise a litter of Poodles occasionally    No plans to breed  for a litter of Toy Poodles in 2023

Maltese:       I only raise a litter of Maltese occasionally


PLEASE No calls before 9 am or After 8 pm 

Please make sure you check out the Reserving your puppy, Picking Up Your Puppy , Vet and Puppy Care and    Please read because this is what you will be signing when you come to pick up your puppy – Understanding the Contract/ Sales & Health agreement pages    I Feel This Is  Important Information 

For Deposits I ONLY  accept  Personal Check or Bank Cashier Check which is due in 3 days after you commit so  I highly recommend mailing your deposit Priority Mail Balance on puppies when picked up will be CASH or Bank Cashier Check ONLY !!!  If Shipping the puppy then a Bank Cashier Check will be due 5 business days prior to puppy leaving.  

Starting September 1, 2022 if my sons friend Brandon is bringing  your puppy up to Fort Chiswell VA , Staunton VA or Manassas , VA  I will need you to Mail your balance to me so I receive it 5 business days before he is due to bring up . Reason for this is he stays and works Monday through Thursday in  northern Virginia  and he doesn’t feel comfortable  being responsible for that much money .
Delivery fee for Brandon to bring puppy up to Fort Chiswell VA. , Staunton VA, or Manassas, VA. Is $100. Cash per pup

Brandon only travels up on Sunday evenings .

Make checks payable to Cindy Barrett and mail to 689 Green Valley Rd  Lebanon, VA. 24266  

Please don’t send requiring a signature due to I’m generally still out of the house doing chores of the morning when my Mail carrier brings it on the hill and this means I would have to go into town to pick it up .

A puppy not picked up when I say it’s ready there will be a $10. Per day boarding fee added to balance.

Once you have put a deposit on a puppy I send updated pictures at 2-4-6 wks and at 7 wks I do a video of litter playing so you can watch them grow. I Do Not FaceTime 


  I  know everyone is wanting a puppy but I won’t change the way I do things in my breeding program. I will post on this page when I have Maltipoo babies born that are available.  I have girls due to rest out their next cycle and will continue to do things like I have for the past 48 yrs and according to how my old time vet taught me back in 1974. I am NOT a Puppy Mill.   

I am still offering to meet up at Staunton VA for those that live in Eastern VA & Northern VA and those North Carolina folks can meet us at Max Meadows/Fort Chiswell on our way up the road to Staunton VA  We do charge $100.00 per pup.  I won’t do the delivery to Staunton unless I have at least 3 puppies to deliver. I also have the option of my son’s friend to meet on Sunday evenings

I only allow 1 person at a time to come to my vehicle to get the puppy.  If you are going to be interested in meeting up Please let me know by the time the puppy is 6 wks old so I will know if I will be making the trip

  For Folks purchasing one of my babies and need it flown here are some reputable Flight Nanny services you can contact. Now they would need to fly into Tri Cities Regional Airport  Blountville TN and that airport code is (TRI) and I would be happy to meet them there with the puppy. Also happy to meet a new puppy owner at the airport if they choose to fly in themselves. Fee to meet at airport is $50.

I highly recommend Miss Veronda as she is a private nanny  Text 678-602-2228  Just tell her Cindy Barrett Puppies and Tri Cities TN (TRI) Airport

In Cabin Puppy Express Pet Nanny  puppytranspo@gmail.com    You can also find them on Facebook      Make sure ask them if they are willing to fly into TRI Cities TN airport before you book them 

I will not send any puppy that I raise with a ground transport service . Reason being I don’t want any of my puppies sharing a ride with other puppies I know nothing about the environment they have been raised in