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Windy Way Hill Puppies is a respected breeder of Maltipoo puppies.

4th April 2020

689 Green Valley Rd

Lebanon, VA 24266

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Updated March 29, 2020   

I’m sorry for all the folks that did call and leave voicemails and text right at 8 pm  I just had to go in the order they came in even tho I had dozens of text showed 8 pm   and calls.  My system definitely didn’t work well on March 26th   

I have been trying to figure what the best way to do things to avoid a repeat of March 26th posting of my Maltipoo babies so I’m just going back to a waitlist. But I do ask that folks don’t ask to be added to my list if they are not willing to wait on my Maltipoo’s and I will only take names for the amount of puppies I think my females might have.   

Ellee & Frankie babies are due around April 10th  they will be F1b’s 

Jazzee & Phoenix babies are due around April 17th  they will be F1’s   

Isabella & Alex babies due around April 21st  they will be F1’s


 Also make sure you check out the Reserving your puppy, Picking Up Your Puppy , Vet and Puppy Care and    Understanding the Contract/ Sales & Health agreement

I am still offering to meet up at Staunton VA for those that live in Eastern VA & Northern VA and those North Carolina folks can meet us at Max Meadows/Fort Chiswell on our way up the road to Staunton VA on April 18th  We do charge $50.   I only allow 1 person at a time to come to my vehicle to get the puppy during this Coronavirus situation. I would not make the trip if I felt in anyway other than normal and would ask that my customer do the same.

I do have a friend of my son’s that work in the Manassas area and travels up on Sunday’s Only is willing to bring 1,  no more than 2 pups his delivery fee to Manassas is $100.

  Our Prices are FIRM !     

Our  Required Deposits are $500.

Prices are : Maltipoo’s  $1000. – $1200. – $1300. and if we have any shades of  Red Maltipoo $1500.

 Maltese : $1500. & $1800.


For Folks purchasing one of my babies and need it flown here are some reputable Flight Nanny services you can contact. Now they would need to fly into Tri Cities Regional Airport  Blountville TN and that airport code is (TRI) and I would be happy to meet them there with the puppy. Also happy to meet a new puppy owner at the airport if they choose to fly in themselves.

In Cabin Puppy Express Pet Nanny  puppytranspo@gmail.com   

TLC Flight Nanny Service    htpp://TLCFlightNanny.com  

For Deposits I ONLY  accept Apple Pay , Venmo, Zelle and Bank Cashier Checks made payable to Cindy Barrett .  

 Remember once you commit to a puppy you have 3 business days to get your deposit to me . So if mailing a cashier check I recommend you mail it Priority Mail.  Remember if i don’t receive your deposit within 3 days the puppy becomes available again. It is your responsibility to check with me if you have not heard from me that I received your deposit!!! 

The Deposit goes toward the price of the puppy.