689 Green Valley Rd

Lebanon, VA 24266

Windy Way Hill Puppies is a respected breeder of Maltipoo puppies.

22nd January 2021

689 Green Valley Rd

Lebanon, VA 24266

Available Puppies

Updated January 16, 2021      HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!   

I Do not do a waitlist for my puppies

When I have puppies   We sell them  First Come first serve After we post their pictures on this Available Pup page   Calling or texting is the quickest way to claim one of my  fur babies     Just watch Available Pup and Expecting Page for updates. 

Maltipoo’s $1500.   I have Maltipoo’s several times  during the year

Maltese : $1800    I Only have Maltese puppies on occasion  No Plans for a litter for Maltese until maybe Fall

 Poodles : $1800.  I Only have Poodle puppies on occasion  I Plan to mate Gretchen & Loki in February 2021

  Our Prices are FIRM !   

 For Deposits I ONLY  accept Apple Pay , Venmo, Zelle and Bank Cashier Checks made payable to Cindy Barrett .  Zelle acct info  Cynthia Barrett  email cindy.barrett@shentel.net     Venmo info Cynthia-Barrett-21

Apple Pay just through texting 276-889-5056

Our  Required Deposits are $500. and are Non Refundable unless something should happen to the puppy you pick or it not check out healthy at it’s vet check up.  For any other reason whatsoever it is NOT Refunded or transferred to another puppy 

 Recently I’ve had several folks contacting me asking to come visit the parents. Due to the Covid virus I don’t feel comfortable having folks come into my home. We are in our sixties and are trying our very best to stay healthy. If picking your puppy up I will wear my mask and bring it out to your car. Also bring your own ink pen to sign my paperwork.  I have always let folks come into my home to get their new fur babies but right now I’m just not willing to take chances. Now for folks wanting to visit my doggy parents after this Covid mess is over I have no problem bringing  those down to my house so they can meet them But I don’t allow folks to go into my kennel. I can not afford to take the chance of Kennel Cough or Parvo being carried into my facility, Back in 2013 I allowed someone in my kennel and it took close to 3 yrs  for me to finally get it killed completely out so  If that upsets folks so be it I don’t ever want to go through this again. Only my vets and vet tech is allowed in

I have nothing to hide but I’m very picky  I don’t allow folks to hold their puppies if they come visit them before they are ready until have had their first vaccination . 



 I  know everyone is wanting a puppy but I won’t change the way I do things in my breeding program. I will post on this page when I have Maltipoo babies born that are available.  I have girls due to rest out their next cycle and will continue to do things like I have for the past 45 yrs and according to how my old time vet taught me back in 1974. I am NOT a Puppy Mill.   

Just keep a eye on my Available Pup Page here for any further updates.

 Also make sure you check out the Reserving your puppy, Picking Up Your Puppy , Vet and Puppy Care and    Understanding the Contract/ Sales & Health agreement pages  Important information 

I am still offering to meet up at Staunton VA for those that live in Eastern VA & Northern VA and those North Carolina folks can meet us at Max Meadows/Fort Chiswell on our way up the road to Staunton VA  We do charge $50 per pup.  I won’t do the delivery to Staunton unless I have at least 3 puppies to deliver. I do have the option of my son’s friend below. I only allow 1 person at a time to come to my vehicle to get the puppy during this Coronavirus situation. I would not make the trip if I felt in anyway other than normal and would ask that my customer do the same. If you are going to be interested in meeting up Please let me know by the time the puppy is 6 wks old so I will know if I will be making the trip.

I do have a friend of my son’s that work in the Manassas area and travels up on Sunday’s Only is willing to bring 1,  no more than 2 pups up as he travels up and he can also stop at any exit coming up I-81 that he can just get off and right back on.  His delivery fee is $100. per pup

  For Folks purchasing one of my babies and need it flown here are some reputable Flight Nanny services you can contact. Now they would need to fly into Tri Cities Regional Airport  Blountville TN and that airport code is (TRI) and I would be happy to meet them there with the puppy. Also happy to meet a new puppy owner at the airport if they choose to fly in themselves.

In Cabin Puppy Express Pet Nanny  puppytranspo@gmail.com 

Fuzzy Fur Babies Flight Nanny Services  http://fuzzyfurbabiesflightnanny.com/contact-us

 TLC Flight Nanny Service    htpp://TLCFlightNanny.com

I will not send any puppy that I raise with a ground transport service . Reason being I don’t want any of my puppies sharing a ride with other puppies I know nothing about the environment they have been raised in 

 Remember once you commit to a puppy you have 3 business days to get your deposit to me . So if mailing a cashier check I recommend you mail it Priority Mail.  Remember if i don’t receive your deposit within 3 days the puppy becomes available again. It is your responsibility to check with me if you have not heard from me that I received your deposit!!! 

The Deposit goes toward the price of the puppy.