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After deciding I wanted a maltichon, I looked on the internet for breeders that were close to Northern Virginia. I found Windy Way Kennel and have never looked back. Cindy Barrett was so helpful and wonderful throughout the process. I found out there were puppies to be born in March and gave my deposit. As soon as the puppies were born, Cindy notified me. I didn’t have a choice of which puppy because I was second in line for a male and there were only two. Every two weeks Cindy would send me pictures of my puppy. As he grew, she would sometimes send videos and she would call him by our chosen name, Murphy. Whenever I had a question, she would get back to me immediately. It was exciting that we got to watch him grow. When it was time for him to come home, we found that the date would not work for us. Cindy held onto Murphy for an extra two weeks. When it was time for homecoming, Lucas (Cindy’s friend) brought him to us in Manassas, Virginia fairly close to McLean. Lucas was also wonderful. He stayed in contact with us for his entire trip so we knew exactly when to arrive at the pickup place. He gave us some instructions and advice before we took Murphy home. As far as Murphy, he is a such a loving, gentle dog. He is a puppy with a lot of energy but he is a quick learner. He is also very handsome although adorable might be a better word for him. He is part of our family and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Cindy.