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November 4, 2017

Ms. Barrett is not a “breeder” as you call it. In fact, she is a MOTHER–a loving, kind, sweet, caring mother to all the pups born in her home. She knows her babies inside and out and their parents and their parents parents. We will eternally be grateful to her for bringing our little baby maltipoo, Bindi, into our lives. If you are seeking a new furry addition to your family you will be doing yourself an injustice if you go anywhere else. Our puppy is one of the most well mannered, well behaved, well adjusted (at just 9 weeks), well cared for and healthiest puppies I have ever encountered. Thus far all of our pets have been adult rescues and so I was very concerned about whether I would be a good “mommy” to a puppy. Trust me, our little Bindi makes me a good mommy b/c she is so easy to care for. I attribute that to where and with whom she first opened her eyes–Ms. Barrett. Moreover, when I brought her home and had questions, Ms. Barrett and Lucas remained more available than ever to help. In fact, both were enthusiastic about answering our questions, just as they had been prior to us getting Bindi. Ms. Barrett LOVES her babies…she continues to love them even after they go to their forever home. She provided us with pics and videos throughout..she is as much interested in receiving pics from me now that Bind is with us. We love our little baby and when she is a bit older and “fixed”, we intend to reach out to Ms. Barrett again. Thank you Ms. Barrett–for your continued honesty, concern, love and care before , during and throughout this process. We love you and so does your little Bindi. We promise we will do right by her and by you!