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We would like to share our most positive experience with Cindy at Windy Way Pups in fulfilling a dream for our children.  We wanted to give our children a puppy for Christmas.  They have been wanting a dog for many years and I made a promise to them years prior.  Due to my allergies, I knew I needed a hypoallergenic breed.  After much research, I began searching for maltipoos and maltichons.  I found Cindy’s website.  I loved seeing her dogs, recent adopted puppies,  information on the different breeds, and the testimonials from other clients.  I emailed Cindy and she called me on her way back from vacation (in the airport in route).  She was so helpful in providing details on the different temperaments of the dogs that I knew the maltipoo would be the best fit for our family. I also felt Cindy was the right breeder to obtain our puppy and would be well worth the travel south from Northern Virginia.. Cindy contacted me after the expected litter of maltipoos were born.  She also provided pictures of the newborns for me to choose the puppy we wanted.  Cindy was responsive to all my questions and provided bi-weekly pictures of our puppy.  She even sent an extra picture of when the puppy’s eyes finally opened.  Throughout the entire process, Cindy was responsive, extremely helpful in our preparation, and easy to work with.  When we finally picked up our puppy, we obtained a clean, well adjusted puppy who we learned quickly could pee on the pedi pads!  Cindy provided us with detail document for tips in caring for our puppy, bag of food, blanket, and our puppy’s toy.  She had weaned our puppy from her Mom week prior and then her siblings to avoid her crying all night for her new family.  Our puppy is so well tempered and adjusted so well to her new environment.  Our kids named our new addition, Bella Noel.  They were so surprised and say it is the best Christmas present ever.  Huge thank you to Cindy for her expertise in providing us with such a loving, easy going, and apparently trained puppy who pees on pedi pads and sleeps when the lights are off.  My parents were so impressed with the appearance of our puppy and her behavior that they are wanting to pursue a puppy from Cindy.  We are forever thankful to Cindy in providing such a wonderful addition to our family.