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We received little Bella on August 7, 2022. A friend of Cindy’s son drove her to Manassas, VA for delivery. Bella (a multi-poo) is the sweetest, most loving puppy I have ever been fortunate enough to have. The entire family loves her, as do all of my neighbors. My next door neighbor thought she would be a good therapy dog! I took her to my grandchildren’s sports events last Saturday, and we were mobbed at all three games with children and parents wanting to hold her, to know what breed she was, and where to get one like her.
She is the cutest and smartest puppy we have ever had also! The path to getting her was very easy too. I sent a deposit before she was born. Cindy sent pictures of her after she was born. If was fun to see her growth progress.
The entire family is grateful to be able to have such a wonderful pet!