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We absolutely love our Princess Rosie! She is worth every minute of the drive from Virginia Beach. We have had our precious Morkie  for just a couple of days, but she is already part of our family. She gets along beautifully with our elderly lab and both of our cats. She has given new life to our lab.  Zoe is excited to wake up now- and ignores her arthritic pain to “help” us look after our new baby. Our 5-year-old granddaughter fell in love with her right away. Rosie climbed on her lap as soon as she sat down and promptly gave her a face full of puppy kisses!
She already knows how to ask to go out for the potty- and even did so in the middle of the night. No accidents at all, so far. She eats and sleeps well. We waited for our Princess Rosie from the time before she was even conceived, and she is everything we hoped for- a tiny, perfect little angel. I read these testimonials online and explored lots of options before calling Cindy- I found that everything you read on this site is true. I found the right breeder and the perfect puppy for our home. Thanks, Cindy!