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November 11, 2017

We picked up George, our adorable, sweet Maltipoo, yesterday Nov 10, 2017. He was amazing from the minute we met him. He was friendly, outgoing, and loving right away, and he seemed very excited to meet us. Since bringing him home, he has been an absolute delight. George was amazing in the five hour car ride and has been easy to house train so far, from a combination of our diligence and (mostly) because of his intelligence and desire to please us. He also had a vet check yesterday and could not have been more friendly, calm, and healthy. We are so in love with our George!! Cindy has been amazing to work with because of her wealth of knowledge, accessibility for our incessant questions, and her genuine love for all of her animals. Cindy knew George’s personality and had clearly spent time with him and his siblings. She even checked on him yesterday evening. We are all smitten, and I’m pretty sure George is too!