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I can hardly believe my pup is going to be 6 months soon! She is so adorable and such a joy! I had to submit a review because I know it’s hard to decide where to find your furry family member. I have a big family and all my adult children have their own dogs, too, so we have purchased from breeders and rescued and adopted from friends. With that breadth of experience, you really do know instantly how your puppy was treated before they came into your home. It has been clear to me from the very beginning that my little Arbee came from a very happy and loving place. She is 100% trusting, all energy and fun! Curious and not afraid of anything, anyone, any sound…I mean she just expects the world to be her oyster, and that tells me that she was nurtured from birth and always made to feel loved and secure. I’ve had puppies and rescues that weren’t as lucky to have that kind of beginning, and they are never able to quite forget it. I am happy to offer a very positive referral if ever anyone is interested. Thank you so much for my little furry bundle of joy!