Cindy Barrett No Comments

February 28, 2019

I am so glad that I had the pleasure of finding Ms. Cindy and Windy Way Hill Puppies. I adopted my Maltipoo in October of 2018 and after waiting 8 weeks, I received my puppy in December of 2018. Waffles has been nothing but fun and everyone in my family LOVES him!!! Ms. Cindy is full of knowledgeable and is always so pleasant. I received pictures and videos so that I could follow along on Waffles’s growth. She answered all of my questions and calmed all of my concerns, right up until the day I picked him up. Waffles came home with a goodie bag filled with food, toys, a blanket, and alot of information to help me along the way. I would recommend Ms. Cindy to anyone that is thinking about getting a maltipoo. Waffles is now 4 months old and is so much fun and so very healthy. Everyone that meets Waffles instantly falls in love with him….so much so that I can’t even go into PetSmart without the staff asking about him (when I don’t have him) or loving on him (which normally takes about an hour trip so that everyone that knows him can see him). PetSmart has even encouraged me to start an Instagram page for him. Thank you so much Ms. Cindy for everything!