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August 25, 2023

I’m thrilled to share my experience with someone I consider the best dog breeder I’ve ever encountered and to be part of my family. From the very start, Cindy’s kindness and compassion were unbelievable! I lost two Maltese (littermates) dogs within a year of each other. Being able to tell Cindy my story to see if we were a match, breeder to owner, was the first thing that impressed me about her. To witness her commitment to the well-being of her dogs and the puppies they bring into this world is truly remarkable. Every step of the way, she demonstrated a deep passion for her breeds, ensuring that the dogs are well taken care of, healthy, and have wonderful temperaments.

What sets her apart is her genuine love for the animals. The puppies are raised in a loving, nurturing, stable environment exposed to various stimuli and social interactions from an early age. It’s evident that Cindy’s top priority is to produce physically sound dogs and dogs that will be excellent companions for their future families.

Her thoroughness as a breeder was impressive. She ensured I had all the facts, even though it was my second time having Maltese puppies. She was always available to answer questions and provide updates about the puppies’ progress. I got pictures and videos as the puppies grew. She took the time to get to know me and understood what kind of home the puppies would be coming to, ensuring that the puppies I chose would be well taken care of and have a good, loving home!

I wasn’t 100% sure I was ready for new puppies, but by the time Brumley and Brinkley were old enough to leave the momma dog, I couldn’t wait to bring them home! Her dedication to responsible breeding practices and genuine care for her dogs extends well beyond the initial adoption process. I wholeheartedly recommend Cindy and Windy Way to anyone seeking to adopt. She exemplifies the gold standard of what a responsible and loving dog breeder should be. I’m proud to call her my friend and Brumley and Brinkley’s God mom!