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We had to thank you again for our new puppy!  Our little black and tan maltipoo, whom we named Butter Bean, has transitioned so well into our family.  He’s doing exceptionally well with his crate training, and is sleeping for extended periods at night.  Even though he’s a little guy, he’s feisty and playful.  He learned to fetch in under a week.  After a short period of needing chicken to coax him to eat his kibble, he’s now eating the dry kibble just fine.  He’s also playing so well with our daughter and son.  He has been made to play dolls so often that his favorite napping spot is currently our daughter’s American Girl doll bed.  My husband is taking butter bean to work for half days so that he doesn’t stay crated all day.  He’s so calm and quiet that he causes very few distractions to his co-workers (other than the times people can’t put him down bc he’s so adorable!).
We have raved to people about you.  Your breeding program clearly produces quality pets, with even temperaments and loving personalities.  We look forward to working with you again in the future.