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August 5, 2017

Last week we picked up our new boy, Kuper, who is a Yorkiepoo. We couldn’t be happier with him! He has the most pleasant personality. He gets along well with our Boston Terrier, our Beagle/Bassett and even our cat. We have never had a dog this size before, so I was reluctant when our recently adopted son from China said he wanted one. Our son is deaf, but he has recently had cochlear implant surgery, which has greatly improved his hearing. He and Kuper love to watch TV together and play. Our other son was not happy about us getting a “small fufu dog” as he called the breed, but it only took 1 hour for Kuper to change his mind about that! Now he adores him as much as he does our other fur babies! And as for my husband, the first thing he says when he comes home from work is, “Where’s Kup!” He sits and works at his desk with Kuper on his lap.

So if you’re considering one of Cindy’s pups, I highly recommend her as a breeder! She is really on top of every aspect of breeding and properly caring for her puppies and other animals. She came highly recommended by our vet who is also her vet, since we live in nearby towns. So if you purchase one of her puppies, you won’t be disappointed. She’s even available after you bring your puppy home if you have any questions, such as what shampoo to use, or house training ideas. That was a big help to us!