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Two years ago we adopted a beautiful Morkie puppy from you.  In emails you referred to him as “the golden brown boy”.  Because he was so tiny and brown (like a lentil bean) I wanted to name him lentil.  Matt and the three kids said no way, so I suggested Lenny – and the name “Lenny” stuck.    I’ve been meaning to send you updates for the last couple years, but you know how time flies! I’ve attached some photos of him. As you can see he’s no longer brown. He has a tiny spot of black on one ear, which is really adorable.He’s been a wonderful addition to our family.   He’s fabulous  with kids. All the neighborhood kids come over to play with him often. He has a few dog friends in the neighborhood, but his best friend is a golden retriever named Chelsea. (see photo below).  He spends every Tuesday with Chelsea. A neighbor comes over midday to let them both out to play. During the week we have a dog walker (a homeschooled 10-year-old boy) come and walk him.  He often has doggy play dates with other dogs in the neighborhood. Neighbors invite Lenny over along with a few other dogs.  He tends to be very afraid of dogs he doesn’t know. When he’s on the leash, he growls and lunges and tries to be the alpha dog.   He’s actually much better when he’s off leash. We took him to a dog obedience class called “Rowdy Rovers”.  The trainer suggested we simply turn around and avoid the other dogs while focusing on a treat for Lenny.  That seems to solve the problem.   He’s actually very well-trained. He seems highly intelligent. He understands a lot of words such as treat, outside, Chelsea, and “get your toy”.  He’s got such a great personality. He loves to snuggle, which we do often!  We just wanted to let you know how much we love and cherish our Morkie.  Thank you for raising a good one!