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November 12, 2017

When we decided to add a maltipoo to our family, I started looking at breeder sites. When I came across Cindy’s site, I knew we had found our breeder! Not only did the adult dogs look healthy, they looked happy. Cindy is wonderful and answered any questions I had. We now have a sweet, happy and well-adjusted little girl in our family. Windy Way Hill Puppies is simply the best. Not only is Cindy a dedicated breeder, she is thoughtful (sending a picture and video of our baby girl) and loves her animals (I knew she was the best when she checked on Quincey her first night with us to make sure we were all doing okay). If you have decided to add a new member to your family, look no further than Windy Way Hill Puppies and Cindy Barrett. We could not have had a better experience.