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ElvisWe have enjoyed our frenchton puppy that we purchased from Cindy, he was born May 2nd and as of today July 9th he is in the process of using his pee pads ( not 100%) but at least he is makeing an attempt to , we also reward him with a treat when he does good so he will sit for his treat, he is sleeping in his own bed every night , and the royal canin puppy chow , wow, he loves that food, his stool is firm and our vet was very impressed with his health, as of today he has visited the vet twice ,first check was a health check , in witch he was perfect , and the follow up checks will be to finish off his shots. We are so thankful to have met Cindy and purchase a great pup from her. He has brought a lot of life to our house ,our 13 year old chihuahua is makeing friends with him, Did I mention we named him Elvis !!! Thanks Cindy for a great pup! Tim&Sue Dolen, Fall branch Tn.