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March 25, 2020

I felt it was time to finally write a testimonial about Windy Way Pups and Cindy Barrett. I wanted to wait to ensure we did not have any medical or other issues with our maltipoo, but he has been healthy and happy all year long! Chase turned one this month and he is doing wonderful! Anybody who is considering buying a pup from Cindy, I have to say she was wonderful throughout the whole process. She provides very detailed instructions, pics, and updates, and even accommodated special requests for pics. Even after we got him home she was available to speak to us about any concerns or questions. If you have never had a maltipoo (which I had not), they are a wonderful dog! Chase is very friendly, playful and loves to cuddle. He was potty trained very easily (but we were VERY vigilant with teaching him – I highly recommend being vigilant – it pays off!!). We were able to easily bell train him to go outside within a couple of days – they pick up small tricks very easily! I would highly recommend Cindy as a breeder – I felt she was very honest and upfront about her puppies. If you buy a pup from her I would highly recommend you listen to her instructions (food, training, health, etc.) – we did and everything turned out great. I would recommend Cindy to anyone. Thank you again Cindy!