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Dear Cindy,

I wanted to give you an update on Little Lucky who went to my vet on Saturday for his first check up here in Lynchburg. He got some booster shots and a thorough examination and was pronounced to be a very happy, healthy, well-socialized 12-week old puppy! That was no surprise to me, but it is good, nevertheless, to hear it from the vet!

In the 2 weeks that Lucky has been here in Lynchburg, he has adjusted remarkably well—much better than I expected, to be honest with you. From the time we picked him up until we got home, he was a wonderful little traveler. He complained a short time when we put him in his little crate, but settled down quickly.

Thank you for this precious little guy! I am so glad I found you! I think I told you that once I settled on the breed I wanted, I googled Maltipoo puppies in Virginia. Your website came up and because I was born in far Southwest Virginia, I was immediately drawn to it.

How lucky for me that I found you! From my first contact with you weeks before he was born until I picked him up on April 10, you were so helpful. I remember once when I felt I should apologize for asking so many questions and you assured me that it was okay. I really appreciated that!

Both my friends and I loved the pictures you sent on a regular basis! One of my friends bought him a little red wagon after he saw the photo you sent of Lucky in a wagon! It was really fun to watch him grow via e-mail! And did he ever grow! He now weighs 4.5 pounds and the vet thinks he will probably weigh 10 pounds when fully grown which is exactly what you said. Whatever he weighs will be fine with me!

On Saturday the 30th he is going to the groomer. One of my friends recommended that he go there and hang out for several hours to get used to the sounds of the clippers, dryers, other dogs barking, etc. So, he will be on his own for 2 hours on Saturday. He has already been there once to meet the groomer. He captured her heart by promptly giving her a face wash!

What a wonderful little guy you raised! It is obvious to everybody who has met him that you did a wonderful job raising him for the first 10 weeks of his life! He is such a friendly, little guy. Watching his little tail wag in excitement, you get the feeling that he is smiling at everybody he meets.

Thank you Cindy! I am so glad I located you! It was a pleasure to work with you. I so appreciate your patiently answering all my questions! I could tell when I met you for the first time when he was 5 weeks old that I was fortunate to have found you!

Little Lucky sends his love to his first Mother!


Shanda K. Rowe


April 26, 2016