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We are so happy with our maltichon puppy! He is doing so well with potty training on the puppy pads, which seems to be due to the way Cindy raises the puppies. From the first inquiry about her puppies until the day we were receiving our puppy, Cindy stayed in contact with us the entire time and always kept us informed. She sent updated photos and videos throughout the weeks that we were waiting for our puppy to be old enough to be taken home! Any questions that we asked she always answered very promptly. We are from Pennsylvania which is over an eight hour drive to her house, so we were very happy to learn that Cindy has a friend that drives up to Northern Virginia once a week to meet you with your puppy. We took advantage of this service and couldn’t have been happier about it. Cindy’s friend Lucas was awesome, he kept in contact with us while he was on his way so we knew when and where to meet him. When Lucas arrived at the location he was extremely nice and helpful providing tips, advice and information about the puppies and transporting them. He knew we had a four hour drive home so he asked the other people picking up their puppies if he could take care of us first since we lived the farthest distance away, which was very thoughtful of him! We absolutely love this breed! We think a maltichon is the perfect dog for us! Couldn’t be happier! Thanks again Cindy and Lucas!