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I found Mrs.Cindy doing an online Morkie search for Virginia.

I immediately emailed her to see if she would have some puppies near Christmas. She said that Gracie took, and would be ready “around” Christmas. I was ok with that. I sent my deposit, and stayed in contact via email and phone conversations. The communication was key with me. Mrs.Cindy sent me updated photos of Quinsy’s growth, and gave me vet updates on weight (which I thought was very professional). Due to Little Quinsy being a finicky eater she was still a little under weight and she wanted to keep her a little longer until she gained more weight. I was a little disappointed at first, but then, I thought that a GOOD BREEDER really cares about their puppies health, weight and temperament, and I only had to wait another week which wasn’t too bad. Quinsy was VERY HEALTHY when I picked her up from her. I had a little orientation from Mrs. Cindy with the care of a Morkie puppy. I received vitamins, a nice Royal Canin starter kit, blanket, toys, and her paperwork from the vet. Mrs. Cindy is VERY PROFESSIONAL and loving. I will get my next puppy from her once Quinsy is a little older, since I had a great experience my first time.

SIDENOTE: The puppy pen in her house was clean and neat (I REALLY RESPECTED THAT).

When I got back home, I had Quinsy checked out by her new vet (the next day) here at her new forever home. Dr. Stephanie, said “she’s perfectly healthy, alert, and growing.”

I am Team Morkie. Lol

I highly recommend getting your Morkie, Yorkie, Maltipoo, Frenchton, or Maltichon from Windy Way Pups, and Mrs. Cinday Barrett.

If you need to discuss my experience with her, please feel free to contact me.